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Competitive Advantages
StimuZyme™ provides unique advantages over competitor's solutions...

StimuZyme™ Applications
The unique properties of StimuZyme™ have been utilized in a wide range of applications...

Case HIstories
StimuZyme™ concentrated solution has figured prominently in the success stories of many pipeline and well owners...

Laboratory Tests
Testing with clay absorbent material shows adhesion of the oil to solids can be broken using StimuZyme™...

Many of your questions about StimuZyme™ and KleenZyme can be answered in our FAQ...

StimuZyme™ Solutions

StimuZyme™ concentrated solution, a product of BreakThrough Technologies, was initially developed to mobilize heavy oil for remediation in environmental projects and for waste oil disposal plant applications. StimuZyme™ was found to be capable of allowing heavy hydrocarbon with solids contamination to be reduced to a pumpable liquid.

The petroleum engineering staff at BreakThrough has successfully applied these unique properties of StimuZyme™ to a wider range of applications and look forward to many new applications yet to come. Successful applications include:

  1. In conjunction with advances in the oil water separations technologies, BreakThrough was able to clean tanks bottoms of heavy hydrocarbons, water and miscellaneous solids; separating and segregating the materials for recover, thereby freeing much needed storage capacity.
  2. StimuZyme™ has been applied to oil wells using its aforementioned properties to remove well damage and increase the production of oil from the damaged well. This was proven in China, Venezuela and Texas USA. Please refer to one Case Study following.
  3. Unclogged 196-kilometer oil transfer pipeline in Indonesia (See Case 3).
  4. As far back as 1994, StimuZyme™ successfully reduced the volume of oily Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) sludge waste by over 90%. StimuZyme™ is still used as a major part of an elaborate and comprehensive NORM remediation process (See Case 2).

As the demand for energy and the need to protect the environment increase, we are confident that StimuZyme™ will achieve much more recognition as the product to accomplish both these objectives. We, at BreakThrough Technologies, will endeavor to continue to perfect the product and find other new applications.

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