Breakthrough Technologies
Competitive advantages

World Class Manufacturer of Catalytic Enzyme Solutions

Oil and Gas Production and Sales using StimuZyme™
and the State-of-the-Art Alton Jet Pumps

BreakThrough Technologies through its subsidiary
BreakThrough Ventures is an oil and gas company involved in
the acquisition and the upgrading of matured oil and gas properties.

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Competitive Advantages
StimuZyme™ provides unique advantages over competitor's solutions...

The unique properties of StimuZyme™ have been utilized in a wide range of applications...

Case HIstories
StimuZyme™ concentrated solution has figured prominently in the success stories of many pipeline and well owners...

Laboratory Tests
Testing with clay absorbent material shows adhesion of the oil to solids can be broken using StimuZyme™...

Many of your questions about StimuZyme™ and KleenZyme can be answered in our FAQ...

Competitive Advantages

  • Enzymatic action does not form chemical emulsion with oil.

  • Environnmentally friendly, non-hazardous and easily discharges

  • Enzyme solution can be recycled to additional re-washing for solids

  • Fast reaction time

  • Has been used effectively at up to 200 F


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