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Competitive Advantages
StimuZyme provides unique advantages over competitor's solutions...

StimuZyme Applications
The unique properties of StimuZyme have been utilized in a wide range of applications...

Case HIstories
StimuZyme concentrated solution has figured prominently in the success stories of many pipeline and well owners...

Laboratory Tests
Testing with clay absorbent material shows adhesion of the oil to solids can be broken using StimuZyme™...

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StimuZyme™ Case Histories

Case 1

Yong 8-52, an oil well in Shengli Oilfield in China, was completed in January 2001 with a submersible pump and gravel pack for sand control. The well started production at about 13 tons per day of heavy oil (0.95 density) and quickly declined to less than 6 tons per day before completely clogging in June 2001. We stimulated the well with 3,000 gallons of 10% concentration Greenzyme (an inferior predecessor to Stimuzyme) and the well was shut-in for one week Upon return to production, the oil production immediately increased to 23 tons per day at less than 10% water-cut, after a short cleanup period. The well produced for more than one year without any additional work.

Case 2

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) waste was being stored at various locations in the State of Louisiana for Conoco, Pennzoil and Unocal. The cost of the storage and the concern for public health prompted the owners of this NORM waste to seek a remedy.

Source Environmental of Lafayette, Louisiana used Stimuzyme (5% concentration) and a proprietary process to separate non-radioactive materials out of the NORM, while in the process recovering the oil and disposing of the salt water. The original waste containing NORM was reduced by more than 90% in volume and was stored until proper disposal or encapsulation was arranged. As a result of the importance of this work, Source presented a paper to the 1994 Petrosafe Conference in Houston. The paper documented savings to the oil companies of over one million dollars.

Case 3

A 196-kilometer crude pipeline in Indonesia’s Kirit Field that is feeding heavy oil (11 to 13 API gravity) to a refinery was opened using Stimuzyme. Prior to treatment with StimuZyme in February 2000, the pipeline had been clogged by the heavy oil, rendering it completely unusable. Various International Oil Field Service Companies, tried without ANY success to unclog the pipeline, using industrial chemicals, surfactants and steam all with no success. StimuZyme was the only technology to conquer this costly problem

A 10% solution of StimuZyme mixed in water was heated to 65 C, and then injected into the pipeline, in successive cut sections, which completely cleaned each section. At the end of each cut section, the solution was collected. The oil and StimuZyme solution were separated. The cleaned solids were segregated and the StimuZyme solution was reused. Eventually hundreds of barrels of the heavy oil were recovered from the pipeline. The pipeline was cleared and returned to active service.


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